About Council

Flinders Council provides more than the ‘three R’s’ – rates, roads and rubbish. Council is involved in delivering a wide range of legislated and non-legislated services and initiatives: community and economic development, tourism, natural resource management, and promoting the health and general wellbeing of the Furneaux Region community and its environment.

Council provides many services and facilities to enhance the quality of life of local residents and, where possible, to add value to their properties, businesses and investments. Council must also ensure that the standard of services provided are financially and operationally sustainable over both the short and long-terms, and are appropriate to the needs and desires of the community it serves.

Flinders Council includes the communities within the Furneaux Group and the islands of eastern Bass Strait up to the Victorian border, including the Hogans Group and the Deal Island Group.

In February 2019, Flinders Council adopted the following set of values as the beginning of a journey towards a whole-of-council set of values that will include community consultation.

Flinders Council:
• Is apolitical and performs its functions in an impartial and professional manner;
• Is an organisation that fosters decision-making based on merit and acts with high ethical standards;
• Is committed to building community relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, positive communication, cooperation, consultation and collaboration when appropriate;
• Is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from discrimination and that values the diversity of the Furneaux community it serves;
• Is openly accountable for its actions and its responsibilities to the Furneaux community;
• Is responsive to its community in providing frank, honest, comprehensive, accurate and timely advice and outcomes;
• Delivers services effectively, efficiently, equitably and courteously to the Furneaux community; and
• Exhibits high levels of leadership.

Councillors are required to report any gifts or donations recieved over the value of $50. These are recorded in a Gifts and Donations Register which can be viewed here.

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