Autumn School Holiday Program

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Easter Bonnet Creations
Autumn School Holiday Program image
Origami with Fiona at the Library
Autumn School Holiday Program image
Polymer clay key ring making

The Autumn School Holiday Program was a held over the Easter school holidays. It all kicked off with the colourful and sparkling Easter Bonnet Making extravaganza, perfectly timed to join forces with the Lady Barron Committee Easter Parade which was held in Lady Barron on Easter Saturday. With feathers, glitters, and a touch of imagination, the young participants transformed ordinary materials into bonnet masterpieces fit for a sensational parade!

But the fun didn't stop there! Origami Day unfolded, bringing a magical touch of paper folding wizardry at the Whitemark Library. The session was led by the talented Fiona Stewart, the children delved into the world of origami. They folded and twisted their way to making some fantastic animal creations and even a little 3D cube.

Then came the epic Polymer Clay and Craft Day, where creativity took centre stage. Four stations beckoned the young artists-to-be. They kneaded, shaped, and moulded polymer clay into vibrant keyrings guided by the polymer clay guru, Jade Boyes. The self-portrait drawing station witnessed budding Picassos creating some beautiful drawings with pencils and paints. Megan Tulloch's assistance at the Mother’s Day card station added an extra touch of creativity as the children crafted heartfelt Mother's Day cards. And let's not forget the mini canvases that transformed into colourful, pint-sized masterpieces.

As the program neared its grand finale, a movie day extravaganza awaited the children. Snuggled into beanbags with bowls of buttery popcorn, they embarked on a movie marathon with "Trolls - World Tour" and "Go!".
In summary, the Autumn School Holiday Program was a resounding success and we are genuinely pleased with the strong attendance and the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from participants and their families. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming program in July, excited to bring fresh ideas and create another enjoyable and memorable experience.


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