Cape Barren Island

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Cape Barren Island has an area of 478.4 km2 (184.7 sq mi). In 2006, the population of the whole of Cape Barren Island was 268, with most people living in the settlement of Cape Barren Island, also called The Corner, on the North West Coast.

Today, the residents of Cape Barren Island consist of an Aboriginal community of approximately 70 people. Most of the residents are descended from a community of mixed European and Aboriginal people, who originally settled on several smaller islands nearby, but relocated to Cape Barren Island in the late 1870s. In 1881, the colonial Tasmanian Government established a formal reserve and commenced providing basic social services to the Cape Barren community. By 1908 the population had grown to 250 people.

Cape Barren Island Aboriginal Association Inc. (CBIAA)

Contact the Cape Barren Island Aboriginal Association (CBIAA) for information about Cape Barren Island. 

T (03) 6359 3533 

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