Community Grants 2023

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Every year Flinders Council supports a variety of community groups, providing funding for specific projects through Community Grants and Gunn Bequest (Sporting Clubs) endowments. 

Applications for funding for the Gunn Bequest 2023/2024 are open and must be received no later than C.O.B. Monday 15th May 2023. 

Online Gunn Bequest Grant Application Form 

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • All applications whether by individuals, groups or clubs are to be lodged through a club or sporting body;
  • Applications must be for suitable projects promoting or facilitating sporting activities within the Municipality;
  • Such sporting activities are to have a national and state association and be recognised at the national level as a sporting association or activity that does not include commercial enterprises.

A decision will be made regarding successful Gunn Bequest applicants at the 24 May 2023 Council Meeting.

Applications for funding for the Community Grants 2023/2024 are open and must be received no later than C.O.B. Wednesday 31st May 2023. 

Online Community Grant Application 

Flinders Council is committed to providing funding for projects that support the Furneaux Islands communities through increased community connection, access and participation.

Grant pool offering is $10,000 for the 2023/2024 financial year.

Grants are available to not-for-profit community organisations, community groups and individuals to:

  • empower our community to identify and respond to issues;
  • support the needs and aspirations of all our communities within the Furneaux Islands;
  • increase community connections and belonging by increasing participation;
  • build community capacity.

Download Community Grant Guidelines

Before applying, applicants are strongly encouraged to speak with Council’s Community Development Team. Please phone 6359 5006  or email

Applications close on Wednesday 31 May 2023 and applications may be submitted online.
A decision will be made regarding successful applicants at the 28 June 2023 Council Meeting.

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