Islander Way Community Consultation

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The Background Context and Community Engagement report of the Islander Way is now available for feedback

The aim of the Islander Way project is to firstly, identify tourism-related challenges and issues on Flinders Island and secondly to co-design a future where the hosting of visitors generates positive and regenerative benefits back to the Island, its communities, and the environment, and also contributes to a flourishing local economy.

The Islander Way project's community engagement process recognises and values the input and suggestions of all individuals who took part in the engagement activities and strives to incorporate them in an authentic manner. Rather than attempting to alter or replace existing viewpoints, the aim was to present the feedback as a source of information for future reference. This document serves as a means of honouring the diverse perspectives and ideas of Islanders shared during the engagement process.

The next step is to develop a Draft Regenerative Tourism Framework in collaboration with Visitor Northern Tasmania (VNT), Flinders Council, and other stakeholders. This will also be made available for public comment. 

Please visit the Islander Way website  at to download the Report and leave your feedback.




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