Opening of the Time Capsule

Opening of the Time Capsule image
Opening of the Time Capsule image
In March 1973 Flinders Island celebrated the bi-centenary of Tobias Furneaux “discovering” Flinders Island.
It was a week-long fanfare –
  • A Civic Reception was held
  • 2 Navy Boats were in the port and the Navy Band visited
  • The CWA held a “Bridal Fashion Parade” and a dance with the Navy Band afterwards
  • There was a non-denominational church service with the Navy Band at Vinegar Hill
  • A Regatta at Yellow Beach – boats, sandcastle building, family fun
  • A Gymkhana and horse / sports events at Emita / Showgrounds
  • Decorated floats travelled from Pats River into the main town of Whitemark
  • The “Furneaux Sector” of the library was officially opened
  • And a Time Capsule was buried outside the Council chambers!
19th March 2023 marks the 50th Anniversary to unveil the "Tomb of History" and open the Time Capsule.
In celebration of this upcoming event, If you have memories, photographs, videos or stories to share - we'd love to hear from you!

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