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High densities of Wallaby's are often grazing next to the road at dusk and dawn.

Ambulance & Hospital

For information on what to do if a minor incident or injury occurs download the  St Johns First Aid App.

To call an ambulance dial 000

Flinders Island Multi Purpose Centre (MPC) (03) 6359 2122. 

To become an Ambulance volunteer on Flinder Island, contact Sharen Withers on 0407 350 264. 

Emergency Management

The Flinders Municipal Emergency Management Plan details the roles, responsibilities and arrangements for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery in the event of an emergency. The plan is maintained by the Flinders Municipal Emergency Management Committee.


Download a range of information on fire safety from the Tasmanian Fire Service, including:

In a fire emergency dial 000

For non-emergency fires contact the Flinders Island Fire Brigade Captain, Stephen Mason, on 0427 596 526

To become a volunteer fire fighter at any of the Brigades on the Island contact Stephen Mason on 0427 596 526 Stephen will assist you in what brigade to join and how to do it.

Keep up to date with latest bushfires via the Tas Alerts website or download their APP.

Marine Safety

Visit Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) site for details on the Furneaux Region Marine Radio Station. See also visit the MAST Publications page to download the latest editions of the Safe Boating Handbook.

In a marine emergency dial 000

Police  & Crimestopers

The Flinders Island Police is committed to increasing community awareness of safety and security.

Police Emergency 000

Non urgent 131 444

Lady Barron (03) 6359 3506

Whitemark (03) 6359 2000

Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000

Road Safety

Flinders Island has approximately 450km of sealed and unsealed roads, all suitable for 2WD vehicles. The speed limit is 80km/hr on unsealed roads and 100km/hr on sealed roads. If driving at dusk, dawn or in the evening be very careful of wombats and wallabies crossing the road. 

State Emergency Services

In a flood and/or storm emergency dial 132500

To become an SES volunteer please contact Michael Withers on 0418 524 147.

Keep up to date with storms or floods via the Tas Alerts website or download their APP.

Workplace Safety

Visit the Tasmanian Government Workplace Standards site for more information on workplace safety.

Farm Safety

For Health and Safety assistance and support for those in the Tasmanian rural sector please visit the Safe Farming Tasmania Program


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