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August - September Update

Killiecrankie WTS Update
A shipping container has been set up at the Killiecrankie Waste Transfer Station, which will serve as a future base for the Killiecrankie Glass Crushers. They'll continue to hold their glass crushing events here. We've also added new collection bins for glass next to the container to minimise breakage and make it easier to load into the crusher.

We recently held two community-supported Cash-4-Cans events that were a big hit. We managed to sort enough aluminium cans to create two bales weighing 300 kilograms each. To make the sorting process more efficient, please remember to separate aluminium cans from tin cans and other objects. Also, refrain from putting cigarette butts and bottle tops inside the aluminium cans.

Recycling Hubs
We've been working closely with local businesses Walkers Supermarket and the Lady Barron Store to set up our new Recycling Hubs. Fourteen new programs for hard-to-recycle items have been confirmed. Plus, we've earned accreditation from the Battery Stewardship Council to collect household batteries. The first Recycling Hub will be in operation on Wednesday, 20th September, at Walker's IGA, where you can drop off a variety of items including printer cartridges, light bulbs, beauty and skincare packaging, mobile phones, and accessories. To boost our efforts, we've also placed two recycling bins at the airport—one for aluminium cans and another for glass bottles. These bins are proving effective in encouraging recycling among airport visitors.

Facility Upkeep
We've been busy tidying up our waste facilities. This includes clearing out excess recyclables from the Killiecrankie Waste Transfer Station and cleaning the aluminium can sorting area. We've also addressed the issue of inert waste spilling onto the access road at the tip.

Regulatory Compliance
Two officers from the EPA paid a visit to the Whitemark Waste Facility recently. This was a great chance for us to discuss important issues and work on meeting regulatory standards. Our team also mapped out areas with previous landfill activity and other land uses like mining and quarrying. This will help us plan remediation work to stay in compliance with regulations.

We appreciate your ongoing support and participation in these initiatives!


Waste  Update - July 2023 

The recently implemented digital data recording system has been a resounding success. This efficient system has reduced waste data reporting time by one-tenth of its previous duration. To continue our waste data improvements, staff have been provided with training and essential resources in waste data collection, classification, and volume estimation.

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, Flinders Council has recently completed a comprehensive review of the Waste Strategy. The finalised strategy will be presented to Council for consideration, followed by an opportunity for community feedback prior to it being adopted by Council.

During July we have also been actively exploring multiple recycling programs for inclusion in our soon to be released Recycling Hubs. Attention is being given to household battery recycling, as improper disposal poses significant environmental threats. Council hopes to be able to provide this service in the coming months. Additionally, new waste signage has been finalised and ordered to improve waste segregation at all waste facilities.

Finally, Council is proud to report that the deep burial trench has successfully undergone an audit by Biosecurity Tasmania. The trench was found to be compliant with regulations, ensuring the proper and secure disposal of biosecurity waste.


Waste  Update - June 2023 

During the month of June, we implemented a digital data recording system at the Whitemark Waste Facility to enhance our waste management practices. Officers were provided with the necessary resources and training to effectively utilise this new system. This development greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of our waste data collection and reporting procedures.

To ensure continued compliance and proper disposal of hazardous waste, a new deep burial trench was excavated at the facility. This trench is designated for the disposal of asbestos, medical, and biosecurity waste. It is important to note that access to this area is strictly limited to authorised persons only. To clearly demarcate the restricted zone, new signage has been erected, ensuring the public is aware of the boundaries. For any future disposal of hazardous waste, it is essential to make prior arrangements with the waste management supervisor.

Minor changes to the data collected at Whitemark Waste Facility will be introduced in July as directed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania. Starting from Sunday 2nd July, our officers at the Whitemark Waste Facility will be conducting more thorough checks and inquiries to ensure accurate waste data recording. This information allows us to precisely monitor our progress in waste minimisation efforts and helps align our practices with the requirements of the Waste and Resource Recovery Regulations 2022. We kindly request all visitors to stop at the office when entering the Waste Facility for further assistance and guidance.

We appreciate the ongoing support and cooperation of the community as we strive to improve our waste management practices


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