Declaration of Office ceremony

Declaration of Office ceremony image
Left to right Councillor Garry Blenkhorn, Councillor Carol Cox, Mayor Rachel Summers, Deputy Mayor Vanessa Grace, Councillor Aaron Burke, Councillor Peter Rhodes.
The Certificate of Election for the Flinders Municipality was issued yesterday by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission and last night Flinders Council hosted a formal Declaration of Office ceremony for six of the Councillors and their families. Ken Stockton is currently overseas and will declare upon his return.

Three new Councillors have been elected, with four Councillors retaining their seats. Voting was compulsory for the first time in the State’s local government history and 715 voter ballots were returned in the Furneaux Islands equating to a response rate of 85.73% per cent.

Incumbent Councillor Rachel Summers has been elected as Mayor of Flinders Municipality and becomes the 35th person to represent the community, while Vanessa Grace has been elected Deputy Mayor.

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