Air Ambulance Emergency Evacuation cover

Air Ambulance Emergency Evacuation cover image

If needed, are you covered for an emergency evacuation by Air Ambulance from the Furneaux Group of Islands?

To all new residents of Cape Barren and Flinders Islands, as you settle into life in the Furneaux Group, please consider registering on the Electoral Roll as residing at your Furneaux Group address.

Registration on the Electoral Roll is used as proof of Tasmanian residency for the Tasmanian Ambulance system that is funded by the State Government for Tasmanian residents. Proof of residency is also required for eligibility for the Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (PTAS) should you be referred to Launceston for medical reasons.

Visitors and sometime residents

Non-Tasmanian visitors should ensure they are covered for emergency evacuation by Air Ambulance from the Islands either through travel insurance or their own state ambulance cover. Air ambulance costs are expensive and patients not covered by the Tasmanian Ambulance scheme are expected to pay the cost should they be unfortunate enough to require air evacuation from the Island.

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