Direct Flights between Flinders Island and Hobart

Direct Flights between Flinders Island and Hobart image

Regular return passenger flights from Hobart to Flinders Island with Sharp Airlines commencing on September 30th have been welcomed by the Flinders Island Community.

The direct link between Hobart and Flinders Island will operate on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and not only provide a range of travel options for holiday packages on Flinders Island, but also offer island locals the chance to hop directly to Tassie’s capital.

Flinders Council Mayor Annie Revie welcomed the opportunity for not only new visitation to the Island, but also for islanders to travel “off the rock”.

“Islanders who were fortunate to secure vouchers in the ‘Make Yourself at Home Travel Voucher Scheme’ will now easily be able to use these in the big smoke” Mayor Revie said. “Less travel time to Hobart also means more time can be spent with family and friends.”

An agreement with Sharp Airlines will see the Tasmanian Government supporting the trial service until the end of January.

Michael Buck, President of the Flinders Island Business Inc. (FIBI) also welcomed the announcement that the Island would have a direct air link from Hobart.

“FIBI has always believed that there are great opportunities to increase visitor numbers from southern Tasmania. In many ways, Flinders Island has been a forgotten jewel. But many Tasmanians are now taking the trip overseas to the Island." Mr Buck said.

“Flinders Island has witnessed significant growth in visitor numbers over the last three years with numbers now exceeding 8000 per year. Along with the increase in visitor numbers, the Island has witnessed an increased investment in property, food production and niche products such as essential oils and whisky. This, combined with an increase in the population, means the future is positive, despite the COVID –19 pandemic.”

“The new direct air link from Hobart combined with established links from Launceston and Melbourne should see the island recover quickly once the borders are reopened.”

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