Enterprise Suitability Mapping

Enterprise Suitability Mapping image
Enterprise Suitability Mapping area of approximately 10,000 hectares on the west coast of Flinders Island.
Enterprise Suitability Mapping image
Land suitability for raspberries in East Meander, Tasmania.

As part of the Draft Planning Scheme process, and Council’s ongoing efforts to support enterprise development, the State Government Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) and Flinders Council have partnered to deliver an Enterprise Suitability Mapping Project.

The aim of the Mapping Project is to explore and assess the suitability of 10,000ha of West Coast land for a variety of high-value and site-appropriate crops. If developed, the crops could provide increased land productivity as well as long-term employment opportunities. The information collected by the project will inform development and assist in decision-making for the proposed new rural living zone contained in the Draft Interim Planning Scheme.

In November 2013, DPIPWE installed temperature loggers and undertook soil profile descriptions on some 10,000ha of West Coast land. Participating in the project is entirely voluntary, and the information collected will be analysed using computer modeling that will generate maps of individual climate and soil properties, helping to assess the suitability of crops. Some of the key indicators of suitability will include: a crops frost risk and growing-degree days, stoniness of soil, soil pH and drainage. This information will then be used to generate an overall rating for the particular areas target enterprise suitability as either: ‘well suited’, ‘suitable’, ‘marginally suitable’, or ‘not suitable’.

Mapping Project staff are a very experienced team and recently completed similar projects across 75,000ha of the Meander, Deloraine and Tunbridge areas in Tasmania. The outcomes from this work can be found on The List or by going through the Investing in Irrigation under Hot Topics on the DPIPWE website. View the maps along with a range of other information and tools.

Flinders Council aims to have the results of the Flinders Island Enterprise Suitability Mapping Project released by the end of 2014.


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