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If building in Tasmania, whether it is a new building, an addition or an alteration, the process is generally the same. You can do much of the preliminary work yourself. However, unless you have experience discussing plans with Council and other authorities, our advice is to engage relevant consultants to do this legwork for you.

To help you understand and to follow the planning, building and plumbing process, please visit the Everything Building website. Here, ‘The Journey from Concept to Council Approval’ provides a step-by-step guide to:

  1. Preparing before you engage any consultants
  2. Working with your appointed consultants
  3. Designing development
  4. Council application processes - planningbuilding and plumbing applications

You may also use Checklist- Owners Responsibilities for Building Work Approval. For specific information relating to the Flinders Municipality, we have compiled a Planning and Building Information Pack containing all relevant application forms, frequently asked questions, and process flowcharts.

To find qualified local drafts people, architects, and builders visit the Furneaux Business Directory. For a comprehensive search of all Tasmanian Accredited practitioners, consultants and alike see Find a licensed tradesperson (cbos.tas.gov.au).

Short or Medium Term Visitor Accommodation

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) have provided this Self-assessment Tool to simplify the process of building requirements for visitor accommodation.

For any existing dwellings or residential premises where a fee is being charged for the use of short or medium term visitor accommodation, owners must:

  1. Apply for a planning approval in the form of a ‘Change of Use’ Application
  2. Complete the Building Self-Assessment Form to determine whether additional requirements and obligations are required

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