Filmmaking Workshop

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Filmmaking Workshop image
Filmmaking Workshop image

Flinders Flicks and Flinders Council this week have a visiting filmmaker Cara Lipson Dvorjak to work with those in the community who are interested in learning how to make a short film from start to finish and have offered to do a little film about the football club as part of this learning process.

There will be filming at the Training Session at the School on Wednesday afternoon (28th July) and the Games on Saturday morning (31st July) at the Showgrounds including in the tea rooms.

On Friday (30th July ) 4-6pm @ The Showground Tea rooms we will have a tech session with Cara and talk about the importance of storyboards, and planning finished with pizzas please let us know if you wish to attend.

On Saturday (31st July)  afternoon, learn how to edit the footage and apply the finishing touches to movies.

If anyone would be interested in learning any of the techniques involved in putting together a short film so you can get inspired to make your own for this year film festival, please contact Sammi at Flinders Council or 0421 667157 for more information.




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