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Every year Flinders Council supports a variety of projects through Community Grants and Gunn Bequest (Sporting Clubs) endowments. 

Applications for funding under the 2022/2023 Community Grants program are now open and must be received no later than C.O.B. Monday 29th August

Online Community Grant Application

Flinders Council is committed to providing funding for projects that support the Furneaux Islands communities through increased community connection, access and participation.

Grant pool offering is $6,000 for the 2022/2023 financial year.

Grants are available to not-for-profit community organisations, community groups and individuals to:

  • empower our community to identify and respond to issues;
  • support the needs and aspirations of all our communities within the Furneaux Islands;
  • increase community connections and belonging by increasing participation and building community capacity.

Community Grant Guidelines

  • Your application must have a clearly stated purpose and a practical plan for achieving the project.
  • The project may complement, but not duplicate, other locally available services.
  • Projects should be accessible to individuals living within the Flinders Municipality.
  • Where funds are sought for the purchase of equipment, quotes should be included.
  • Any risks associated with the project have been considered.
  • Flinders Council has the discretion to determine the total amount that will be allocated to each project.
  • Partial funding may be offered for the project if the applicant has advised they are happy to receive a partial amount.
  • It is expected that some effort will have been made towards fundraising activities or a financial contribution to offset the costs of the proposal.

Please Note: Financial assistance will not be provided for:

  • Money already spent;
  • Salaries or recurrent operational costs; or
  • Fundraising for future projects.

Before applying, applicants are strongly encouraged to speak with Council’s Community Development Team. Please contact Sammi Gowthorp on 0421 667 157 or email community@flinders.tas.gov.au

Applications close on Monday 29th August and applications may be submitted online.
Decisions will be made at the 20th September Council Meeting.

Apply at Community Grant Application


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