Flinders Councillors and staff visit Henderson dam works site

Flinders Councillors and staff visit Henderson dam works site image
Flinders Councillors and staff visit Henderson dam works site image

A project which will bolster water supply and surety for the Whitemark community is progressing well with Flinders Councillors visiting the site to see the progress last month.

Deputy Mayor David Williams, Councillors Vanessa Grace and Peter Rhodes and General Manager Warren Groves saw that almost all traces of the previous dam wall have been removed.

TasWater Capital Delivery Office (CDO) Dams Project Manager Quentin Ward explained that Whitemark is essentially getting a whole new dam. “Once complete, the dam will have double its original capacity, increasing water supply and surety for our customers on the island,” he said.

Significant temporary works have been completed on the island including a 10 million litre above ground dam installed alongside Pat’s Weir and a temporary treatment plant at Lady Barron to support water supply while the Henderson dam upgrade occurs.

“Most materials excavated will also be used for the construction of the new dam, to maximise their use, and the first of the concrete deliveries expected for April,” Mr Ward said. Ruth Dowty, TasWater Department Manager, Community, Stakeholder and Customer Relations, thanked the community for their ongoing support for the project.

“Water restrictions have been in place for several months and I would like to acknowledge that the community is doing their bit to conserve water during the works,” Ms Dowty said. “They have been very proactive, using less water than in previous years, even where water restrictions were in place in the past.”

“TasWater has been operating a reverse osmosis plant at Lady Barron, to supplement water supply during construction, but we’ve been able to reduce water carting as a result of good water levels in our temporary storage.” “Water restrictions will continue until the newly constructed Henderson Dam reaches 40 per cent capacity, but with everyone working together as they have been, we will be able to keep water carting to a minimum, reducing impacts on the community and roads,” Mr Ward said.

Works are on track to be completed by end October 2021 and the dam should be back in full service by mid November 2021 depending on weather.

“We will keep working with residents and Flinders Council and look forward to this project delivering improved water surety to our customers on the island, now and into the future,” he said.


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