Furneaux Islands Festival

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Community BBQ Day
Furneaux Islands Festival image
Verandah Music at the Tavern
Furneaux Islands Festival image
Festival Market Day

The Furneaux Islands Festival is a unique Tasmanian event held on Flinders Island to celebrate the community, culture and musical heritage of our diverse island community. Held annually in January, the festival stages a variety of events over four days at different venues across the Island.

In 2015 Council were proud to welcome (FIAAI) Flinders Island Aboriginal Association as Festival partner. The continuing partnership and collaboration is integral to the Furneaux Islands Festival success.

"The Furneaux Islands Festival is a great opportunity for everyone to come together to celebrate Island culture through live music, dance, food and art. Sharing our Island way of life is what we do best.

f we are to live together harmoniously we must as a nation develop an understanding and appreciation of our differences and the benefits that diversity can offer us all, Flinders Island is leading the way in this.

We as Island people want to share our Island life, so come to Flinders Island, be part of the community for a weekend, we promise you will not be disappointed."   Maxine Roughley, CEO FIAAI - Flinders Island Aboriginal Association

For more information - visit the Festival website at www.fifestival.com.au 

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