Resignation of Mayor Annie Revie

Resignation of Mayor Annie Revie image

Mayor Annie Revie has resigned from the role of Councillor and Mayor of the Flinders Municipality, effective 18 July 2022, three months short of her four-year term. Annie has chosen to step down from these roles to focus more on her health and wellbeing. 

During Annie’s tenure, she chaired three important Special Committees of Council and one Council Committee. Under Annie’s leadership, Council continued to achieve for the community and worked hard to achieve compliance across its range of functions. 

After years of advocacy, an additional six kilometres of road to Palana has been sealed. The Hon Michael Ferguson, Deputy Premier and Treasurer, as well as Minister for Infrastructure has also confirmed that the State Government will take over ownership of this new section of road as well as the section of road linking with the existing State-owned road. This will result in significant savings to Council. 

Throughout her term, Council has embarked on an innovative tourism project know as ‘The Islander Way’. The project aims to co-design the future of tourism with the Flinders community, using regenerative tourism principles and practices. 

Deputy Mayor David Williams has taken on the role of Mayor until the local government elections in November. 

“I have enjoyed working with Annie over the past four years and would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and my fellow councillors in recognising her dedication to the role of Mayor and the effort she put into making our community a better place to live in. We all wish her a quick return to full health.”

Read Annies letter to the Flinders Community 

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