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To our valued Sharp Airlines customers.

As an airline serving the isolated communities of the Bass Strait islands, Sharp Airlines has always endeavoured to provide the highest safety and operational standards at the most economical prices. In March 2022 we increased our fuel surcharge and since then we have absorbed additional increases by reducing some underperforming services. To keep costs down we have recently reviewed our network and will again reduce some services. These changes are typically to some of the additional services we supply to compliment our core schedule and we apologise in advance for any disruption.

There will still be a small increase of $2-3 one way in the coming week which is purely an increase to recover increased fuel costs since March 2022 most of which we have absorbed since then. The actual fuel surcharge you will be paying will be shown on your ticket/tax invoice. My commitment to you, our valued customers is that we will review this fuel related increase quarterly. Once our fuel costs reduce to a sustainable level, we will decrease the amount on a commensurate basis and will be reflected in an airfare reduction. We greatly value your support, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard in the future.

Customers from Flinders Island will see some temporary changes to our Wednesday services which will now operate to Hobart in the summer months rather than Launceston in the morning. This is only a temporary change whilst we mange some crewing shortages in the sort term.

Malcolm Sharp

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