Palana Rd Update

Palana Rd Update image

 Updates to Palana Rd project

  • Grading and overlay preparation will start this Friday 4th Feb at Five Mile Jim Rd and finish on Monday 7th Feb at Fairhaven Rd.
    • This will include the addition of crushed rock where required, grading and levelling of the road in preparation for pavement stabilisation/strengthening.
  • Stage 1 will see the stabilisation of 5km of pavement planned to start at Five Mile Jim Rd and head south.
    • This process involves mixing cement into the base layers of the road to provide longer-lasting road base and preparation for bitumen surfacing.
  • Stage 2 will complete the remaining 1.5km of stabilisation on Palana Rd.
  • Spray sealing will be completed in two layers to seal the prepared surface and provide a wearing surface to the pavement.
    • Between stabilising and sealing there will be water carts operating along the length of completed works to keep dust down and preserve the surface.
Line marking and pavement marker installation to complete delineation and finalise the works.
Completion date will be late March/early April 2022

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