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Planning is the name given to the process that regulates the use and development of land and is the first step in the approvals process. A Planning Application may be required for proposals such as subdivision, building, alterations, and changes of use. 

Proposals are assessed against the Flinders Planning Scheme 1994 and Tasmanian planning legislation, and your development will fall into one of four classifications:

1. Permitted (as of right)
No Planning Permit required, an exemption certificate may be issued 

2. Permitted (with Planning Permit)
Planning Permit required 

3. Discretionary
Planning Permit required 

4. Prohibited
Council is unable to accept a development application 

*Please note building, plumbing and other approvals may also be required and cannot be progressed without planning approvals.


Zone, Use and Development

Planning deals with the use of land, the type of development proposed, in what location (zone) and the potential impacts (overlays).

The property zone, including overlays, and proposed use will determine your classification and the development standards you are required to meet.

To find out what zone and other useful planning information relates to your property, click here.


Planning Pre-Lodgment - when you need specific advice

Council encourages you to complete a Development Enquiry Form (001 Form).
This is free service offered to advise if a particular use or development will require a permit and can also identify missing information that is required to complete a Planning Application.

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