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Planning is the name given to the process that regulates Use and Development in accordance with Tasmanian legislation and is the first step in the development approval process. All development proposals must be submitted to Council, addressing the zoning and overlay requirements relative to the subject land.  Council ensure that all applications are assessed in accordance with current planning scheme requirements and within the legislative process for proposals such as subdivision, building, alterations/additions, and changes of Use. 

The Tasmanian Planning Commission has issued its decision to Flinders Council, regarding the Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) and modifications to the Local Provisions Schedule, after hearings were conducted in February 2022.  The Flinders LPS and the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) are now operational and are read as one document

Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Flinders.

 Council's Planning Information Pack may assist you with any queries, though please feel free to email enquiries to

Zone, Use and Development

Planning deals with the use of land, the type of development proposed, in what location (zone) and the potential impacts (codes).

The property zone, and any applicable overlays, will determine your classification and the development standards you are required to meet.  Each of the applicable development standards must be addressed in a report to Council which accompanies the development details and application forms.

The Land Information System Tasmania (The List) is a valuable tool to discover more information about the property of interest, by using the Property ID number (PID) or address to locate a property and then adding various layers to the map, to ascertain which zone it is in and any overlays which are applicable. For more assistance using the List visit the youtube link here

Planning Enquiries and further information

For information around making enquiries and finding property details, such as zoning, go to the PLANNING ENQUIRIES page.

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