Strait Works Gallery

Strait Works Gallery image
Strait Works Gallery image
Strait Works Gallery image

Strait Works Gallery

A Patrick Street, Whitemark, Flinders Island 7255

Opening hours: Wed & Fri 10.00 am - 4.00 pm; Sat 9:30 am -11:30 am

Contact:  Sally Walker, Secretary Flinders Island Branch Tas Regional Arts


Strait Works Gallery houses a new exhibition or display every month from a wide range of artists and groups. Located in the heart of Whitemark, this small community gallery has been a focus for Flinders Island arts and crafts since it opened in 2006. It is managed by members of the Flinders Island branch of Tasmanian Regional Arts and staffed entirely by volunteers.

The Gallery has featured individuals, groups of artists, local crafts people, the School, environment and community groups as well as travelling exhibitions from Tasmanian Regional Arts.

During the summer tourist season, the Gallery also operates a shop, where a wide range of original arts and crafts – paintings, photographs, cards, jewellery, knitted items, sculptures from recycled goods, and textiles – are available for sale. In 2013, 1600 people visited the Gallery; taking in exhibitions, speaking with volunteers and often buying original pieces of art or craft.  Strait Works Gallery’s exhibition openings are advertised in the Island News and on the Flinders Island Community Calendar. All are welcome to attend. 

Exhibition schedule for 2014

January and February – Summer Splash, group exhibition and shop consisting of work from over 20 Furneaux artists

March – Maria La Grue, printmaker and painter

April – Dale Williams, watercolourist, and Bron Grutzner, pastellist

May – Winter Woolies, group exhibition and shop offering knitted items and textiles

June – Island Rocks, exhibition TBA

July – School Photographic Exhibition

August – Patchwork Group

September – TBA

October – TBA

November-December – Professional Development Group Travelling Exhibition Launch  

December – Christmas group exhibition

To find out more about being involved in a group exhibition or staging your own, contact Sally Walker from Flinders Island Regional Arts.

The Gallery requires a small fee from exhibiting artists and craftspeople to cover operating costs, and a modest commission is charged on items sold.


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