Tasmanian Council Data Dashboards

Tasmanian Council Data Dashboards image
Tasmanian Council Data Dashboards image

The Local Government Board has published the Tasmanian Councils Data Dashboards to support the community to engage with the Future of Local Government Review.

The Data Dashboard, along with instructions and explanatory information, has just been published on the Future of Local Government Review website - Council Data – Future of Local Government Review (futurelocal.tas.gov.au)

The Dashboards provides information on some of the key activities and operations of Tasmanian councils using publicly available data sets. Data in the Dashboards is drawn from four main sources – the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the annual council Consolidated Data Collection, councils’ own audited financial reports, and the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.

There are two Dashboards, each with a different focus and objective.

Dashboard 1, published during Stage 1 of the Review is a simple, interactive tool designed to help people understand the diversity of Tasmanian councils and the communities they serve. It includes a local community ‘snapshot’ for each of the State’s 29 councils, as well as data from the last five financial years covering:

  • Financial and asset management
  • Infrastructure
  • Rates and other revenue
  • Government grants
  • Planning and other regulatory activities
  • Governance and representation
  • Workforce

Dashboard 2, published early in Stage 2, presents a more detailed picture of key financial trends across Tasmania’s councils over the past 10 years. It allows the community to see how the overall financial position of councils has changed over time, including where their income has come from (e.g. rates, grants and other sources) and which services and functions they have been investing in.

The Data Dashboard, along with instructions and explanatory information - Council Data – Future of Local Government Review (futurelocal.tas.gov.au)

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