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Written submissions are requested when Tenders or Expressions of Interest are called for: contract works to be carried out, sales of plant and equipment; or, when equipment or plant is to be supplied to Council.

Code for Tenders and Contracts for Flinders Council

Council Tender or Expressions of Interest documents are put on the Council's website after an advertisement in the local Island News and other media outlets.

Formal Tenders will be called for when the supply request exceeds $100,000.

Please contact Flinders Council for further information.


Request For Tender (RFT)  

Flinders Island Airport Fencing

Flinders Council invites suitable tenderers to submit for the supply of materials and works associated with the construction of approximately 7km of new animal proof fencing to be erected at the Flinders Island Airport.  The fence is to be 1.5metres high and comprise of 11-90-15 apron wire, two electrified wires on top and one standard electrified wire on the lower outside of the fence.  Existing gates are to remain, however the existing 7 kilometres of fence will also have to be removed.  All materials from the existing fence to remain the property of Flinders Council - wire to be rolled up on sections and posts to be left in bundles.

Tenders are to be clearly marked “AIRPORT FENCING TENDER” and addressed to PO Box 40, WHITEMARK   TAS   7255.

Hard copies may be hand delivered to Flinders Council or posted to the above.  Email tenders may be sent to Jacci.viney@flinders.tas.gov.au

Tenders close at 5pm on Friday 11 May 2018.

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