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Written submissions are requested when Tenders or Expressions of Interest are called for: contract works to be carried out, sales of plant and equipment; or, when equipment or plant is to be supplied to Council.

Code for Tenders and Contracts for Flinders Council

Council Tender or Expressions of Interest documents are put on the Council's website after an advertisement in the local Island News and other media outlets.

Formal Tenders will be called for when the supply request exceeds $100,000.

Please contact Flinders Council for further information.


Request For Tender (RFT)  

Footpath Installation

Flinders Council invites Tenders for upcoming Footpath Installation and Renewal. Applicants can apply for one or both of the following:

1.Supply of Concrete.—Price per cubic metre delivered to townships of Whitemark and Lady Barron.

2.Supply of labour and tools for the installation of Footpath and Pedestrian Crossings in Whitemark and Lady Barron and to be constructed as per IPWEA drawing numbers SD104 and SD106 (Drawings can be found with tender on Council website or by contacting Works & Services Manager) Approximately 70 metres of new footpath and 19 pedestrian crossings to be replaced in Whitemark and approximately 390 metres of new footpath and 5 new pedestrian crossings in Lady Barron.

Tenders to be marked “Footpath Tender” and delivered to Flinders Council Office by hand, post or email no later than close of business Tuesday 19th December 2017.

Flinders Council

PO Box 40

Whitemark  Tasmania   7255


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