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Written submissions are requested when Tenders or Expressions of Interest are called for: contract works to be carried out, sales of plant and equipment; or, when equipment or plant is to be supplied to Council.

Code for Tenders and Contracts for Flinders Council

Council Tender or Expressions of Interest documents are put on the Council's website after an advertisement in the local Island News and other media outlets.

Formal Tenders will be called for when the supply request exceeds $100,000.

Please contact Flinders Council for further information.


Waste Management Tender/Request for Expressions of Interest

In accordance with Council’s Code of Tender and Contracts Policy the following requests are sought:

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Council wish to engage a suitable waste management contactor to assist with the formulation of a ‘scope of works’ for a waste management solution for Flinders Island. The successful contractor will be required to enter into a ‘Scope Development Services Agreement’ and participate in assisting Council with best practice solutions to service the Municipality.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Interest is sought from members of the Community [and surrounding areas] who may assist with the management of collected waste streams. Ideas must be able to be carried out by the individual and will be used to inform the ‘scope’ formulation process when engaging with the successful contractor as per the ECI above.

Details of both proposals can be found here:

or by contacting Council on 63 595 001.

Responses must be in writing, including the required cover page as provided with documentation above, and addressed to:

Waste Management EOI or ECI
Att: Jacci Viney
Flinders Council
PO Box 40

Submissions may be hand delivered to 4 Davies Street Whitemark, posted, or emailed to jacci.viney@flinders.tas.gov.au .

All responses by be received no later than Wednesday, 8 February 2017.



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