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Written submissions are requested when Tenders or Expressions of Interest are called for: contract works to be carried out, sales of plant and equipment; or, when equipment or plant is to be supplied to Council.

Code for Tenders and Contracts for Flinders Council

Council Tender or Expressions of Interest documents are put on the Council's website after an advertisement in the local Island News and other media outlets.

Formal Tenders will be called for when the supply request exceeds $100,000.

Please contact Flinders Council for further information.

Request For Tender (RFT) Supply and Delivery of Bitumen

Flinders Council seeks a supplier to supply and deliver 144,000L of bitumen to a location on Flinders Island designated by Flinders Council over the course of 2 weeks commencing on 01st February 2018.

The supplier will be wholly responsible for transporting and delivering all product to the delivery site as per the agreement.  This includes shipping the product to Flinders Island.

Notice of intent to respond to this RFT should be confirmed to Brian Barnewall via email at brian.barnewall@flinders.tas.gov.au by 5pm AEST on Monday 25th September 2017.  The response should include the name and contact information of the key individual representing the tenderer to this process.

Any questions or requests for information regarding the RFT must be submitted in writing to Brian Barnewall via email and cc to Sophie Pitchford at sophie.pitchford@flinders.tas.gov.au no later than 5pm AEST on Friday 29th September 2017.

Follow the links below to relevant documents for this tender process:
Request for Tender (RFT) Supply and Delivery of Bitumen
Appendix 1: Request for Tender Terms and Conditions
Appendix 2: Bitumen Supply and Delivery Agreement




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