Wearing of Masks at the Flinders Island Airport

Wearing of Masks at the Flinders Island Airport image

All people aged 12 and older who are at a Tasmanian airport, or on an aircraft must wear a facemask at all times.

You must wear a mask when:

• inside or outside an airport terminal. This includes saying goodbye and greeting passengers (unless you stay in your car);
• on board your flight (including during boarding and disembarking, while flying, and when you are on the tarmac); and
• waiting for your transport or walking to or from your transport (including in the car park). You must wear a facemask at all times.

You can remove it when:

• eating, drinking or taking medicine;
• communicating with someone who has impaired hearing or who is deaf, and you need to show your mouth to communicate;
• wearing the mask would create a risk to your health or safety;
• you need medical care that can’t be given if you’re wearing a facemask;
• you are asked to remove your facemask by a person in authority, to check your identity; or
• you are required by law to remove your facemask. You must put your facemask back on as soon as you can after taking it off for one of the above reasons. You do not have to wear a facemask if you have medical certification (or other documentation from a medical practitioner) of a physical, mental health, illness, condition or disability that makes wearing a fitted mask unsuitable. You should carry this certification with you in order to provide to an authorised officer if asked.

Fines of $774 can be issued for non-compliance with the requirement to wear a facemask.

Requirements of wearing a mask

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