Whitemark Water Restrictions

Stage 2 water restrictions will come into effect for Whitemark on Wednesday, 22 March 2017.

Late last year Flinders Council notified TasWater of potential water supply issues that could occur during the summer months. TasWater commissioned the new water treatment (WTP) plant at Whitemark and, taking note of Council’s concerns, proceeded to investigate and monitor the water supply levels. Those levels are currently extremely low due to a dry summer and an increase in household water usage.

One of the features of the Whitemark WTP is that due to the increased filtration levels required for the location, the plant uses more water than other plants to wash the filters. This is essential to meet the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) and provide safe drinking water for the community.

A number of leaks in the network system have also been identified  and these are contributing to existing water supply issues. Staff are currently working on a range of measures to ensure that water supply is maintained while we investigate longer-term options to bolster supply to residents and visitors on Flinders Island.

Those measures include the introduction of Stage 2 water restrictions for Whitemark. These restrictions will come into effect on Wednesday, 22 March and will remain until June, but may be removed earlier if inflows and storage levels allow.

Stage 2 restrictions are designed to reduce non-essential use of water by approximately 50 per cent of average consumption. The restrictions will impact mainly on the watering of gardens and sporting ovals and while they allow for the use of water each day, it is limited to certain times.

Hosing of paving, concrete and other hard surfaces is banned except for construction, health and safety purposes or in the event of an emergency.

Please feel free to visit www.taswater.com.au or call TasWater on 13 6992 for more information.

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