Zone, Use & Development

The Flinders Planning Scheme 1994 is the legal document regulating development in the Flinders Municipality. The Planning Scheme dictates the use of land, the type of development proposed, in what location (zone) and the potential impacts (overlays).

To view information on a property, visit Land Information System Tasmania (The LIST). Using LISTmap, the online mapping tool, you can find out a property’s current zoning and overlays by entering a street address, Certificate of Title number, or Property ID Number (PID).

Please watch the tutorial video and follow these instructions on accessing LISTmap:


Alternatively, PDF zone maps are provided below:


Still Unsure?

Council encourages you to complete a Development Enquiry Form (001 Form).
This is free service offered to advise if a particular use or development will require a permit and can also identify missing information that is required to complete a Planning Application.

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