The day-to-day operations of Council are directed by a series of policies that form the Flinders Council Policy and Procedure Manual. Council’s Policy Manual is an important document of Council as it provides direction to Staff, Management and Councillors.  Many of the policies are required by, or relate to, legislation and in most instances help manage Council’s exposure to risk. The Policy and Procedure Manual is reviewed every four years at the beginning of each new Council term. Individual Policies are otherwise updated at Council’s discretion.

New policies, amendments and policies to be rescinded are considered at Ordinary Council Meetings and if approved are available for public comment for a period of 28 days. If no public submissions are received within the 28 days, the policy is deemed approved and reported as adopted in the next Council Meeting Agenda, taking effect from then on. When a submission is received the policy is reconsidered at the subsequent Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Policies for review 

Council resolved at 17 April 2024 Ordinary Council Meetings to adopt the following policies:

These Policies will lay on the table for public comment for 28 days, until 17 May 2024. Policies are available to download by clicking on the Policy above (if any) and hardcopies are available from the Council Office. Should you wish to make comment on these policies, please do so by addressing relative correspondence to:

General Manager - Warren Groves

PO Box 40
Whitemark TAS 7255

and posting or emailing goverance@flinders.tas.gov.au


Council Policy Manual

Airport Advertising Policy 20.10.2020

Furneaux Islands Festival Policy 20.10.2020
Dog Management Policy 15.03.2022
Code for Responsible Dog Ownership 15.03.2022


Asset Management Policy 24.05.2023
Code for Tenders and Contracts 27.09.2023 
Debt Collection Policy 17.05.2022
Rates & Charges Policy 16.08.2022
Waiver of Fees 19.10.2021
S-F8 Travel Accommodation Policy 2023.09.27
Writing Off Bad Debts 19.10.2021

Council Policy and Procedure Framework 22.11.2022
S-G6 Elected Members' Allowances  Reimbursements Equipment 2023.09.27
Flying of Flags at Council Property 22.09.2020
Public Question Time – Council Meetings Procedure 20.10.2020
Special Committees of Council Policy 20.10.2020
Special Committees of Council Procedure 20.10.2020
Information Management Policy 24.05.2023
Related Party Disclosure Policy 24.05.2023
Related Party Disclosure Procedure 24.05.2023
Corporate Credit Card Policy 22.09.2020
Corporate Credit Card Procedure 17.12.2019

S-G15 Interim Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Communication Policy 26.04.2023 

Employee External Employment Policy 22.09.2020
Employee Recruitment and Selection Policy 20.04.2021

Employee Recruitment and Selection Procedure 20.04.2021 
Uniform Policy 22.09.2020
Fraud Prevention and Control Policy 24.05.2023

Personal Information Protection Policy 21.05.2015

Enforcement Policy 16.11.2021
Enforcement Procedure 16.11.2021

S-O2 Public Open Space Policy 22.11.2023

Roadside and Reserve Vegetation Management Policy 14.12.2022
Roadside and Reserve Vegetation Management Procedure 14.12.2022
S-O7 Visits - Cape Barren Island Policy

Asset Disposal Policy 28.06.2023

Customer Service Charter

Risk Management Policy 24.05.2023

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy 29.03.2022

Fitness for Work 29.03.2022

Work Health and Safety Policy 24.05.2023





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