Updated Procedures at Whitemark Waste Facility

Updated Procedures at Whitemark Waste Facility image

Waste inspection/ traffic flow:

Bollards, a keep left sign and a stop sign have been placed in line with the tip office. This is to improve traffic flow and remind visitors to stop for their waste to be inspected.

Hard waste:

In light of a recent incident involving a community member, access to the hard waste area is restricted to Council Staff. Hard waste can continue to be disposed into the bin in front of the Giving Shed. 


Temporary fencing is being used to segregate and contain cardboard next to the Baler Shed. Cardboard bales are being used to improve landfill operations (terracing steep slopes and creating manageable landfilling areas).

Bulk bags:

Temporary fencing is also being used to segregate bulk bags stamped with the Big Bag Recovery symbol. This area is opposite the cardboard. Silage wrap, hay netting, and non-eligible bulk bags are disposed into the general waste tipping area.


On the first Wednesday of every month visitors can dispose of their eligible containers. Anyone with large stockpiles is encouraged to reach out to book in an alternate day if the current arrangement is not suitable.

General waste:

No change for now. The barrier is getting moved today to improve safety.

Cling wrap, snack and sandwich sized snap lock bags, and freezer bags:

Clean items can be disposed at the tip office for recycling.

Household batteries, Mobile phones, Fluorescent tubes, razor blades:

Can be disposed at the tip office for recycling.

Green waste, Glass, Aluminium, Tyres, Whitegoods, Electronics, Giving Shed, Batteries:

No change.


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