001-Development Enquiry Form

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Council offers a planning assessment service that allows individuals to obtain information about a potential development without having to submit a complete Development Application. This service is provided through the submission of a 001-Development Enquiry Form, along with a site plan and a clear description of the proposed development.

Upon receipt of the enquiry form, Development Services will provide a detailed report outlining the requirements for submitting a Development Application and how the proposed development would be assessed. The report will also specify whether the development is permitted, discretionary, or subject to any other conditions.

A fee of $90 is charged for the planning assessment service, but this amount will be credited towards the Development Application fee if the application is submitted within 12 months of receiving the assessment report.

This service allows individuals to gather important information and guidance from the Council before committing to a full Development Application, helping them make informed decisions and potentially saving time and resources in the development process.

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