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The Islander Way is a 2-year project that aims to co-design the future of tourism with and for the community using regenerative tourism principles.

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The project will chart a pathway for tourism that respects the community’s values, contributes to a resilient economy, and that takes responsibility for the impacts of tourism on the natural environment. It will build on our brand story, The Islander Way, that was co-created by the local community with Brand Tasmania.

The project adopts an innovative community-led approach. Instead of adopting a traditional approach where the outcomes are predetermined, this project is a journey where the outcomes will be co-designed with the community. That means we need your ideas, your genius, and your participation!

Islander Way project activities include:

• Community engagement with a difference - planned to connect, collaborate, and imagine the future of tourism together.
• A visitor economy business support program that encourages local entrepreneurship.
• Coaching, mentoring and learning opportunities
• Visitor experiences that are consistent with the Islander Way values and vision.
• Community initiatives that tap into the visitor economy to address local issues.
• Visitor management initiatives.

For further information, contact
Dianne Dredge on 0410 604 921 or email

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