Furneaux Weed Strategy

Furneaux Weed Strategy image
Furneaux Weed Strategy image
Cr Carol Cox, Wayne Warren, Andy North, Eve Lazarus and Cr Vanessa Grace on Flinders Island

At the December 2022 Council Meeting, the Furneaux Weed Strategy and 5 Year Action Plan 2022 - 2037 was endorsed by Council.

DOWNLOAD the Strategy Here


At the end of last year, Flinders Council was successful in funding from the State Government’s Weed Action Fund. Council engaged two environmental consultants Eve Lazarus (Enviro-dynamics) and Andy North (North Barker) to deliver the  Furneaux Region Weed Strategy and 5 Year Action Plan 2022-2037.

This document will provide the overarching strategy for weed management on the Islands going forward and guide the weed control that is undertaken as part of this three-year Weed Action Fund grant. As there are limited resources available for weed management, the purpose of this document is to identify the key issues and prioritise on ground weed control that needs funding 

Going forward Eve will continue to facilitate the Furneaux Weed Action Group, to keep people up to date and connected to activities that are taking place and opportunities for collaboration and funding. If you know of any people who would be interested in joining the Furneaux Weed Action Group, please contact community@flinders.tas.gov.au

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