Community Grants and Awards

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Furneaux Islands Motocross members tackling their riding track 2017
Community Grants and Awards image
2017 Tasmanian Championships and Furneaux Supershoot Winners
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2017 Netball participants playing a great game.
Community Grants and Awards image
2017 Netball Group.


Every year Flinders Council supports a variety of community groups, providing funding for specific projects through Community Grants and Gunn Bequest (Sporting Clubs) endowments. 

Applications for funding under the 2022 Community Grants and Gunn Bequest program are now open.

Applications for the 2022 Community Grants program must be received no later than C.O.B. 10 May 2022.

Applications for the 2022 Gunn Bequest must be received no later than C.O.B. 10 May 2022.

Recipients of 2021 Community Grants: 

  • Esther Nunn - Purchase of two Microplastic Australia Testing Kits for community participation in the Australian Microplastic Assessment Project
  • Flinders Flicks - Purchase of 200 branded drink coolers and webhosting and domain for
    In kind: Emita Hall and FAEC hire; AV technician; printing and promotional materials
  • Skate Park - Travel costs and fee for Ramp Wizard to assess the feasibility of a skate park in Whitemark
  • Furneaux Field and Game Association - Purchase of championship sashes for Supershoot and Tasmanian Championships

Recipients of 2021 Gunn Bequest Grants: 

  • Furneaux Field and Game - Medallions for Super Shoot and Tasmanian Championships

  • Flinders Island olf Club - Replace nine flagstick locking ferrules and cups for the golf greens

Recipients of 2020 Community Grants: 

  • Flinders Island Show Society - Financial support $2,000 entertainers’ fees. In-kind support – facility and equipment hire fees, cleaning and preparation of venue, provision of rubbish bins and removal

  • Active Therapeutics - Purchase of router and webcam to deliver online classes

  • Furneaux Group CWA Rest Room Committee - Commercial grade floor covering for kitchen

  • Altmoor Branch Country Womens Assoc. - Community workshops:In-kind support - $60 worth of photocopying. Financial support - $120 catering

Recipients of 2020 Gunn Bequest:

  • Flinders Island Netball Association - Seating for Netball courts

Recipients of 2019 Community Grants: 

  • Flinders Island Harriers - Co-fund festival promotion.

  • Flinders Island Artisans - Promotional banner and photocopy of 1000 brochures.

Recipients of 2019 Gunn Bequest:

  • Furneaux Field and Game - 20 Medallions and 14 sashes for Super Shoot and Tasmanian Championships.

  • Flinders Island Junior Football - Scoreboard.

Recipients of 2018 Community Grants: 

  • Flinders Island Sub-Branch of RSL - Return charter flight to Cape Barren Island for 2019 ANZAC Day ceremony and breakfast supplies.

  • Friends of Bass Strait Islands - Help with costs of charter flight for participants working on eradicating boxthron from Roydon Island.

  • Flinders Island Sports & RSL Club - Expenses incurred to present 2019 Australia Day event.

  • Flinders Island Show Society - Entertainment expenses for 2018 Show, insurance cover and waiver of food permits.

Recipients of 2018 Gunn Bequest:

  • Flinders Island Womens Golf Club - Return charter flight to Cape Barren Island to attend the Cape Barren (Golf) Classic.

  • Flinders Island Bowls Club - Seating for bowling green.

Furneaux Islands Motocross Association – 2017 Community Grant 

In 2017 the Furneaux Islands Motocross Association received a Community Grant to assist in covering various insurance costs as well as machinery hire to help with the improvement of the riding track at the Lady Barron Motocross Track. 

Together with this Community Grant,  further fundraising by the Association and volunteer contributions, the club has been able to maintain a safe and managed riding environment for members.  The Association look forward to continuing the improvement of the facility to allow for more fantastic riding days at the track.  They aim to further develop the track to ensure a safe environment for both new and experienced riders.

Furneaux Field and Game Association – 2017 Community Grant 

The 2017 Super Shoot was held on the weekend of 9th and 10th September with 16 shooters travelling intrastate and interstate to complete.

The overall High Gun for the Tasmanian Championships was local shooter Lyndon Nicholls and Handicap High Gun was visitng shooter Katrina Clancy. The overall High Gun for the Furneaux Super Shoot was visitng shooter Adam Hirchfield and Katrina Clancy again won the Handicap High Gun.  Sashes, medallions and trophies were awarded to all winers as well as second and third place getters.  Several of our local shooters were champions and placegetters in their respective grades.

We look forward to the 2019 event.

Flinders Island Netball Association - 2017 Gunn Bequest Grant 

With the help of community volunteers and mums & dads the Flinders Island Netball Association was able to get up and running again in 2017.  This year they concentrated on junior netball, teaching ball skills and drills, followed by game play.  The children of all different age groups had an excellent season and the improvement from start to finish was enormous.  A big thank you to Flinders Council for their Gunn Bequest Grant with which we were able to purchase new netballs.











Purchase of medallions for Super Shoot


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