Planning Enquiries

The Flinders LPS and the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) are now operational as the planning scheme regulating development in the Flinders Municipality.  Planning applications are assessed against the Planning Scheme to regulate Use and Development on land.  

When planning proposals are assessed against the relevant sections of the Planning Scheme, they fall into one of four classifications:

1. Exempt or No Permit Required
No Planning Permit required, an exemption/NPR certificate may be issued 

2. Permitted (requires a Planning Permit)
Planning Permit required 

3. Discretionary (includes a 14 day advertising period)
Planning Permit required 


4. Prohibited (unable to be accommodated)
Council is unable to accept a development application 

*Please note building, plumbing and other approvals may also be required and cannot be progressed without planning approvals. 

Enquiries and Information

  • To check your Zone and if any overlays apply you may locate your property on the ONLINE MAPPING TOOL and turn on and off zones and overlays.   Council's Planning Information Pack may be of assistance as it includes info, the process to be followed and forms required.

  • The Tasmanian State Government enquiry services is PlanBuild Tasmania.  This is a free serivce to start assist with the process, enter an address, title or property identification number into the search box below or, navigate and click on a property on the map. A Property Report can be generated which includes maps, details of the planning zone, codes and other information that affect the selected property. PlanBuild Tasmania provides a comprehensive Guided Enquiry service, including identifying planning, building and plumbing rules that may apply to a proposed project.

    The location of the property will determine any other requirements that may apply to a proposed use or development. Specific requirements or limitations will apply to areas prone to hazards, including: bushfire, landslip,flooding, erosion etc. There are also specific local planning requirements that may apply. These requirements include local area objectives and planning controls for unique places specific to the local area. These are termed as Specific Area Plans.

    PlanBuild will generate an Enquiry Report for the property and proposed development.  The report details a Task List outlining what they next steps may include.

  • The LIST has a suite of information which may be viewable or there are options to pay for information such as copies of land title documents.  Go to: Land Information System Tasmania (The LIST). Using LISTmap, you can find out a property’s current zoning and overlays by entering a street address, Certificate of Title number, or Property ID Number (PID).

    Please watch the tutorial video on accessing LISTmap or visit the youtube tutorials.


Type in your Property ID Number (PID) for example - 6426926 or type in the address - 4 Davies Street

Add Layer +


Select - Cadastral Parcels click the green +

Click on the property, ensuring the Cadastral Parcels information provided matches with the intended search then add further Layers from



Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Zones click the green +

Tasmanian Planning Scheme – Code Overlay click the green +

Tasmanian Planning Scheme – General Overlay click the green +

This will provide the Zone which applies to the property and any other applicable codes. For example: Natural Values

The General Overlay feature may indicate there is a Specific Area Plan (SAP) for the particular Property in which case refer to relevant SAP in LPS.

  • Council offer a planning assessment service which can provide further information without requiring all of the necessary paperwork to form a Development Application.  A  001-Development Enquiry Form may be submitted with a site plan and a clear indication of the development proposal.  A report is provided to outline what would be required to enable a development application to be made and how it would be assessed (ie: permitted, discretionary etc).  The fee is $90 which is credited toward a Development Application when the application is made (within 12 months).

  •  When you are ready to lodge a Development Application, further information and forms can be found in the Planning Information Pack. 


Still Unsure?

At any stage during the process contact or phone 6359 5001 for assistance.






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