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Employment possibilities are plentiful on Flinders Island; you simply need to know where and how to find them!

Local businesses are constantly on the lookout for competent staff, qualified tradespeople are in particularly high demand. Try looking through the Furneaux Business Directory or getting in touch with Council, who may be able to assist you in connecting your abilities with local businesses that are in need.

Our island location, which is less than an hour's flight from Melbourne and thirty minutes flight from Launceston, is a great base for people looking to get away from the stresses of everyday city life, while still having the conveniences of a metropolitan town close at hand. Flinders Island is already home to writers, consultants, and professionals in a wide range of industries, many of whom work from home while taking advantage of the many lifestyle benefits that island living has to offer.

You might want to consider relocating to the Furneaux Islands if you are an entrepreneur; the community has long been known as a haven for innovators and those who believe in the power of “can do” thinking. The region is full of opportunities for people who are brave, creative, and willing to work hard. Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith!


Make an appointment now to speak with one of our friendly Flinders Council Officers. 








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