Vet Clinic Update

Vet Clinic Update image
Vet Clinic Update image

We are thrilled to inform you that our Vet Clinic project has advanced to the second round of consideration under the Growing Regions Grant Fund. This is a significant step forward in bringing this important project to life on Flinders Island.

"The Furneaux Islands Ark" project aims to establish a comprehensive veterinary clinic and wildlife rehabilitation facility on Flinders Island. It represents a collaborative effort involving Flinders Council, State Government, Tas Parks and Wildlife, and our local Flinders Island Community.

To strengthen our application and showcase the widespread community support for this initiative, we kindly request your assistance. We are seeking letters of support from our community members to demonstrate the project's importance and its positive impact on our island.

Your letters can be brief and should emphasise your endorsement of the project. Please express your belief in the project's significance for our community, animals, and the environment.

Letter of Support Details:

  • Send your letters of support to by 20 December 2023.
  • If you prefer a physical submission, you can drop off your letters to Flinders Council.
  • The Furneaux Islands Ark project sits under Stage Two of the Growing Regions Program - Round 1.
  • Your letter should be addressed to “Department of Industry, Sciences and Resources”
  • Please sign your letter.

Please find an overview of the project, including key activities and expected outcomes. 
Your collective support will play a pivotal role in securing the funding needed to bring the Furneaux Islands Ark to fruition. We deeply appreciate your commitment to our community and the welfare of our animals and wildlife.

Rachel Summers


Furneaux Islands Ark

The ‘Furneaux Islands Ark’, envisioned as a premier Veterinary Clinic and Wildlife Facility on Flinders Island, seeks to provide veterinary services for domestic and agricultural animals, alongside boarding kennels for cats and dogs and rehabilitation enclosures for native wildlife. With support from Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife, this project aims to contribute significantly to local conservation efforts, eco-tourism, and economic development on the Furneaux Islands.

Project Overview
The initiative is designed to address the gap in veterinary and care services on Flinders Island and respond to the need for wildlife conservation. The facility will be a centre for animal welfare, ecological research, and community engagement, offering a unique blend of services and educational opportunities.

Key Activities

• Veterinary Services: Routine and emergency animal health, vaccinations, surgeries, and treatments for pets and farm animals.
• Boarding Kennels: Particularly important for a remote location like Flinders Island, where pet owners may have limited options for pet care when travelling off-island.
• Wildlife Rehabilitation: Specialised care and rehabilitation for native species.
• Conservation Initiatives: Species monitoring and research collaboration with local and national bodies.
• Economic and Community Development: Job creation, promotion of eco-tourism, and educational programs for community involvement.

Expected Outcomes

• Enhanced Animal Welfare: Improved health and wellbeing for a wide range of animal species.
• Conservation Impact: Significant contribution to wildlife conservation and biodiversity preservation.
Economic Benefits: Job creation, eco-tourism experience offering, and stimulation of local businesses.
Community Involvement: Heightened awareness and participation in conservation and animal welfare.


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