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The Flinders Municipality generates some $42 million annually through its main industries: agriculture, fishing, accommodation, tourism, and health care. Education standards and income levels are similar to the Tasmanian average; however, the average age of the Flinders Island population is significantly above Tasmanian and Australian averages. Enjoying a very low unemployment rate of just 2.1%, as of March 2013, many opportunities exist for people to move to the region for work. Indeed, the expansion of some industries is presently restricted by a lack of available, trained staff in the area.
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Council Island News

Latest Council News includes: Mayor’s update, General Manager notices, Community Development updates, and State or Federal Government grants currently available. Council News is updated fortnightly.
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Health and Wellbeing

Flinders Council provides health promotions and preventative health initiatives throughout the year aimed at positively influencing the health and wellbeing of the Flinders communities. Visit the Community Calendar to find out what’s on.
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Flinders Council Report Library

Flinders Council is interested in more than just the ‘three R’s’ – rates, roads and rubbish. Council is passionately involved in a wide variety of areas affecting tourism, economic development, health, and the general wellbeing of the Furneaux community and its environment. To explore this further, this section allows you to source all Flinders Council commissioned and supported reports and publications from the last 5 years.
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Furneaux History

Tasmanian Aborigines were the first residents of Flinders Island more than 35,000 years ago, and remained so for 29,000-31,000 years. European settlement of the islands began with the arrival of sealers in 1798. From 1834 to 1847, the ill-fated settlement of Wybalenna on Flinders Island housed Aboriginal people taken there from mainland Tasmania.

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