Planning & Development FAQ

Planning & Development FAQ's

What does the change to the new state wide planning scheme mean for Flinders Municipality?

  • The old planning scheme had strict rules, while the new scheme allows for more flexibility in applying the rules to the land.

How are planning decisions made?

  • You submit a planning application to Flinders Council.
  • It is reviewed by external Town Planners.
  • The external Town Planners assess the application and prepare a report for Council.
  • The application is then decided upon by Council.

How can I find basic planning information about my land?

  • You can contact Development Services Dept at Council on 6359 5001 or visit TheList website or the PlanBuild website, enter your address to see maps that show the zoning and other relevant information.

How can I inquire about sheds and decks etc on my land?

Can I view the material used to assess Development Applications?

What is the Tasmanian Planning Scheme?

  • The Tasmanian Planning Scheme regulates the use, development and protection of land.

Is the Tasmanian Planning Scheme difficult to understand?

  • The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is designed for Town Planners and can be technical. If you need help, there are consultancies available that can assist you. 

How is the Flinders Planning Scheme constructed?

  • The planning scheme consists of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) and the Local Provisions Schedule (LPS). Council employed a Strategic Planner to ensure the LPS is suitable for Flinders Municipality.

What is the Local Provisions Schedule (LPS)?

  • The Local Provisions Schedule indicates how the State Planning Provisions (zones and codes) apply in each local municipal area. They contain the zone maps and overlay maps or descriptions of places where the codes apply.

Can Council change something in the planning scheme if it doesn't work for Flinders?

  • If there are issues, Council collects feedback and notes errors or omissions. Some changes may require submitting an amendment to the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

Can I change something if I find it doesn't work for me in the planning scheme?

  • If you want to change a zone or provision related to your land, you can initiate an amendment with guidance from a Town Planning Consultant.

What are the steps for a planning permit application?

  • First, you need to have a design you're happy with, created by a designer or architect. Then, the relevant criteria in the Planning Scheme are addressed, and the application is submitted to Council.

Why do some properties have signs?

  • When a "discretionary" application is submitted, it goes through a more open review process to ensure it meets the requirements. Adjoining landowners are notified, advertising is in the Examiner Newspaper and details are displayed at the Council office and on Council's website.

Can I work with Council to prepare my application?

  • Council cannot provide specific advice on your application's contents. They can provide information about your land's zone and codes, but you should consult independent experts for more detailed advice.

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