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If you couldn't make the Furneaux Futures Forum - our Island Vision presentations are now online.

On the 7th, 8th and 9th of June, in collaboration with FIBI and the Van Dieman Project, Council presented the Furneaux Futures Forum (the re-invigorated Fert-Isle Forum).

This well-attended event was a journey of transforming ideas into actions for a bright future. There were speakers from near and far, with locals sharing their Island Visions and how the Furneaux Group of islands feature in their plans.

There were presentations from Dianne Dredge, co-lead of the Islander Way project, who presented an interesting perspective on the ‘Tipping Point” a follow up to the work that was done in 2018 by FTI Consulting.  (Known as the FTI Report and available on the Flinders Council website.)

Todd Babiak from Brand Tasmania delivered a wonderful presentation on "Kate Mooney and the Wombats." He then conducted a storytelling workshop, where he guided attendees on incorporating the Islander Way Brand Story into their own narratives. The workshop encouraged active participation from community members, who courageously shared their ideas and perspectives. Notably, among all the municipalities in Tasmania, Flinders Island stands alone in having a finalised brand story resulting from Brand Tasmania's efforts in state-wide consultation that commenced in 2019.

Tony Scherer (Sprout) and Chris Bishop (Tasmanian Women in Agriculture) presented a detailed overview on the science of composting on Thursday, then headed up to Rob & Libby’s Farm on Friday for a morning session on the land with a hands-on workshop around composting and market gardens.

The forum was a wonderful vision of how ‘Community, Stakeholders and Council’ can work together. Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the event. Videos of the presentations are below for those not able to attend.
Watch at our Vimeo Channel.

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