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Infrastructure Report - December 2023

Roads and Drainage focused on repairs and maintenance of both gravel and bitumen roads, including pothole repairs on Reedy Lagoon Rd, Golden Mile Rd, and others. Gravel road re-sheeting and maintenance grading were also conducted and drainage improvements were made on Gunter Street, and extensive vegetation control was carried out in several areas, along with service requests for maintenance and tree removal.

In Town Maintenance and Parks & Reserves, efforts included mowing, mulching, and maintaining footpaths and park furniture. There was also regular building maintenance, which encompasses cleaning public toilets and community areas. The Resource Recovery and Waste Management section highlighted engagements with stakeholders regarding a successful grant for a community worm farm, alongside successful recycling initiatives, particularly with the Cash 4 Cans initiative. The new Waste Management Strategy 2024–2028 has also been released for community consultation.

At the Whitemark Airport, the team continues with daily runway and security inspections, maintenance activities, and have recently completed wildlife hazard training.


Infrastructure Report - October - November 2023

Gunter Street, Lady Barron:
Currently, our construction crew is in the process of reconstructing Gunter Street. If everything proceeds as planned, the street is expected to reopen for light vehicles on November 24th, with a speed limit of 40km. There will be communication about the opening through our Facebook page and Island News.

Gravel Road Re-Sheeting Progress Update
We've hit the halfway mark in our Re-Sheeting program. The team has put in remarkable effort over the past few weeks, refreshing roads across Palana, Killiecrankie, Fairhaven, Summer Camp, and Lees Roads.

After a brief one-week pause to focus on other essential areas, we're gearing up to resume on November 27th. Next in line for a makeover are Virieux, Trousers Point, and Coast Roads. Stay tuned for more smooth drives!

Town Maintenance Developments
Our town maintenance crew hasn't been resting either! They're hard at work cleaning and prepping road intersection islands and linemarkings, aiming to have everything bright and fresh by Christmas.

Also, we've started tree trimming to clear up some pesky blind spots throughout the Island.

Airport Activities
Over at the airport, the team's been busy with the lawnmowers, making sure we're ready for the upcoming busy season. With increasedaircraft movements and refuelling tasks, it's all hands-on deck!

A special shoutout to the team for their extended hours during the Mt Tanner fire, assisting with the re-fuelling of helicopters.

Stay tuned for further updates as we work to improve our community's infrastructure.

Richard Harley

Acting Infrastructure Manager


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