Waste Facility Update

Waste Facility Update image
Waste Facility Update image

The first stage of improvements to the Whitemark Tip Infrastructure is anticipated to be completed by the end of June. This stage comprises of the building of concrete sorting bays and a retaining wall.

The second phase of the remodelling project will require erecting a shed that will be able to accommodate a waste sorting line as well as the bins that will be used for recycling materials. As additional funding was obtained through the Recycling Modernisation Fund, the original concept has been redesigned into a larger shed with a new layout that can accommodate additional pieces of machinery, including a grass crusher.

Starting on the 1/7/2022, in line with the new regulations for reporting the waste levy to the State Government, the tip attendant will be responsible for analysing and recording all the rubbish that is being transported into the facility. This will take place in accordance with the new legislation.

As a result of the impending infrastructure improvements that are planned to take place in the following months, residents will have the option to recycle a variety of waste streams. Because of these changes, specialised sorting bins will be implemented to assist Council in reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

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