Biosecurity is the management of risks to the economy, environment, and the community from pests and diseases entering, emerging, establishing and/or spreading. Biosecurity can be implemented offshore, at the border, or on-farm. Implementing the recommended measures in day-to-day operations will improve both your own land’s biosecurity as well as the Islands. Biosecurity also assits in minimising costs associated with production losses. Visit Farm Biosecurity for more information or to create your own farm profile.

Bringing animals to the Furneaux Region is regulated by Tasmania State Animal Biosecurity Regulations. The Furneaux Region has special additional requirements for the importation of cattle, goats and camalids (including alpacas), even when coming from the State of Tasmania. Please see theDepartment of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIWE) Biosecurity Policy and Plans webpage for further information. Or visit the Facebook Tasmanian Biosecurity page for timely updates.

Travelling to Flinders Island

If you are travelling from outside of Tasmania to Flinders Island (or other islands in the Furneaux Group) via plane or vessel please provide at least 24 hours’ notice to Biosecurity Tasmania by contacting Deepa Adhikari (Biosecurity Inspector) 0492 311 635. Please note that there are strict biosecurity restrictions on the importation of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood products, plant materials and other items from interstate. More information can be found on the Biosecurity Tasmania website  via this link.


It is a condition of entry to Flinders Island that all animals are healthy.

Animals known to be in their final trimester of pregnancy, or showing signs of advanced pregnancy, should not be transported across Bass Strait. The animal welfare requirements for the transport of livestock across Bass Strait are outlined on the Biosecurity Tasmania website via this link,including the Animal Welfare Declaration that must be signed by the Transporter and Master of the Vessel. The NRE Tasmania website also outlines the import requirements for other Animals, Wildlife and Plants from interstate.

Any queries, please contact Deepa Adhikari (Biosecurity Inspector) 0492 311 635.




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