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 All Tasmanians are invited to be part of creating a sustainability strategy for Tasmania. It takes all of us. This is your strategy to ensure the best of Tasmania for generations to come.

Two consultation papers are available to start the conversation. You can read these on the website or download them as PDF from the links below:

The Short Consultation Paper introduces the main ideas of sustainability and why it's important. It's a quick and simple read and it asks three broad questions about what you hope for the future, what we need to do to get there and what you plan to do to live sustainably.
The Discussion Paper is more in-depth about how a sustainability strategy could be structured, introduces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and asks more targeted questions about how you think Tasmania's Sustainability Strategy could be shaped to reflect the shared priorities and aspirations of Tasmanians.

You can choose to read and respond to one or both papers, depending on your time availability, and preferences. Written submissions may also be submitted below or by email to policy@dpac.tas.gov.au.


The closing date for submissions is 6 October 2023.



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