Special Committees

Special Committees of Flinders Council, current as of 17 August 2021

Furneaux Group Aviation Special Committee

Purpose:  To provide advice to Flinders Council on aviation and other matters, such as infrastructure, relating to the Flinders Island Airport. The committee meets every six months.

Committee members: Mayor Annie Revie (Chair), Cr Sharon Blyth, Cr Peter Rhodes, Flinders Island Tourism Association Representative, Airport Manager, Multi-Purpose Centre Representative, Community Representative, RPT Operator Representative, Cape Barren Island Representative, DIER Representative, and a Charter Aircraft Representative.

Furneaux Group Shipping Special Committee

Purpose: To provide advice to Flinders Council on shipping and other matters relating to the port and its associated infrastructures. The committee meets every four months.

Committee members: Mayor Annie Revie (Chair), Cr Aaron Burke, Cr Vanessa Grace, General Manager, Transport Representative, Commerce Representative, Roberts Livestock Representative, DIER Representative, Furneaux Freight Representative, Cape Barren Island Aboriginal Association Inc. Representative, TasPorts Representative, and a Farmer Representative.

Lady Barron Hall & Recreational Special Committee

Purpose: To act as caretakers of Lady Barron Hall, Holloway Park, and the Tennis Courts on Lady Barron, so they may be enjoyed by the local community and visitors alike. The committee meets on a needs basis.

Committee members: Deuty Mayor David Williams (Chair), six Community Representatives, and a Fitness Group Representative.

Whitemark Community Gym Special Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Committee is to support, assist and advise in the management and operation of the Whitemark Community Gym.

Committee members: Cr Rachel Summers (Chair), Community and Economic Development Officer, Physical Health Worker and four Community Representatives.

Flinders Boating Special Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Flinders Boating Special Committee (hereafter referred to as ‘the Committee’) is to provide recommendations to Flinders Council regarding boating matters and associated infrastructure, as they apply to the Flinders Municipality.

Committee members: Mayor Annie Revie (Chair), Cr Aaron Burke, nine community members, Flinders Council General Manager and Infrastructure and Aiport Manager.





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