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The following Development Application/s have been submitted to Flinders Council for the purpose of obtaining approval. The applications are available for viewing via the links below and are advertised on the Flinders Council website every Wednesday.

If you would like to lodge a representation. It must be provided in writing, addressed to the General Manager, and should state the reasons why you support or object to the application.

You will find submission details for representations on the advertised Site Notices below.


DA2021/064 - Big River Road, Trousers Point - C/T: 131526/2

House and Shed in Rural Zone withing Visually Sensitive Area 


DA2021/068 - Lot 3, Palana Road Whitemark (Chalky Lane) - CT: 181010/1

House and Shed in Low-Density Residential Zone with Relaxation of Setbacks

















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