Henderson Dam Update May 2022

Henderson Dam Update May 2022 image
Henderson Dam Update May 2022 image

With all major construction work on the Henderson Dam upgrade finished, Whitemark residents can now have confidence in their water security.

To celebrate this TasWater is planning to invite the Flinders community to the site after Winter when the final stages of the upgrade are compete.

Project Manager Quentin Ward said it was exciting to be close to the end of delivering such an important project.

“The Henderson Dam has been built to provide water security for generations of Whitemark residents.

“When the last of work is complete, and contractors and equipment are no longer on site, we are looking forward to inviting the people of Flinders Island to a celebration of the project and thanking them for their patience.

“It’s been a very long and complex project for the community and our own people, and we are very proud of the new dam that will provide clean, safe drinking water to the community.”

“All major construction work finished at the dam site in March and the recent rain was perfectly timed and has filled the dam with water over the new spillway for the first time.”

Water restrictions finished at the end of April as planned, and water carting from the temporary desalination plant in Lady Barron to the Cannes Hill reservoir has finished.

“Water carting has been an important part of managing Whitemark’s water security throughout this project and it’s fantastic to reach a point where it’s not needed,” Mr Ward said.

“The desalination plant will stay in place as a precaution for now, but we expect to remove it from site later in the year.

“While the bulk of the work is now complete and the dam is full, it’s still an active worksite and is not yet open for public access.

“But we know how excited the locals will be to see the new dam and we will start planning tours of the new dam when contractors and equipment are off site, and the weather improves.”

“I want to thank the residents of Flinders Island, especially those in Lady Barron and Whitemark, for their patience as we’ve continued to work our way through this project.”


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