Islander Way Framework

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The Islander Way project has served as a two-year "Living Lab," funded by the Tasmanian Government and supported by both Flinders Council and Visit Northern Tasmania. The community has generously contributed over 1,000 hours of their collective time to this initiative.


Born out of rising concerns about tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Islander Way project addressed the influx of a new, more particular type of visitor to the island. This surge impacted local lifestyles and raised questions about environmental stewardship. It also highlighted the challenges of catering to an increased tourist volume.

While tourism triggered the project, it soon became apparent that the community had other, broader concerns. These included waste management, food security, housing, and the implications of an ageing population on the island.

With limited infrastructure and resources, questions emerged about how tourism could be a part of the island's future, particularly if underlying issues related to resilience and sustainability were not addressed. In response, the Islander Way's “Ideas Incubator” guided the Community to focus on six key sub projects. The resulting framework document identifies 20 additional action points, underscoring the Community's ongoing commitment and desire to keep the momentum going.

This final framework has been presented to Council as an advocacy document. It serves as a roadmap for the community, who aim to cultivate a regenerative style of tourism that harmonises with both people and the environment. The stage is now set for the community to assume leadership and guide the way forward.

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