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Councillor Marc Cobham and local resident and vet John O’Dell volunteering at a joint Furneaux Parks & Wildlife Service, Furneaux Landcare and Flinders Council, 2013 National Plant a Tree Day re-vegetation project on the Bluff Fitness Trail.

The Furneaux Region has a wide range of organisations for the community to participate in and be inspired by. Come and sing along with the Sing Australia Group or take-up Goju Karate Jutsu; curate an exhibition at the Furneaux Museum or join the Flinders Island Regional Arts Branch; volunteer at the next community barbeque with the local Lions Club or get your hands dirty with Furneaux Landcare.

Browse and search community organisations and businesses through the Furneaux Business Directory.

If you would like to be added to the Community Directory, please contact Council.

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